Finally, I’m through it all…

My whole iTunes library, that is. On June 8 last year I tweeted the following:!/antonyeagle/status/15717774651

I’m finally done, today! I was a bit pessimistic on timing, even though over the course of the 10 months, the library swelled a bit, to 10724 songs/35.1 days. 

The first song played on June 8 was Emeralds, ‘Candy Shoppe’, from Does it Look Like I’m Here? (Mego):

The final song I played, on April 9, was Sleater-Kinney, ‘Quarter to Three’, from The Hot Rock (Kill Rock Stars):

(This song showing a pretty strong Go-Betweens influence, as Carrie Brownstein remarks.)

Don’t quite know how I’m going to approach my library now, since this playlist, even though I deviated from it numerous times during the past 10 months, still structured my engagement with the quite large amount of music I have. I could continue its egalitarian theme by continuing my old playlist approach of playing every song in my library an equal number of times, but right now I’m just relishing the ability to choose to listen to whatever I want.


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