Times New Viking/Veronica Falls

Back to XOYO last night for Times New Viking, touring in support of their new record Dancer Equired. This got a less than rapturous Pitchfork review, and since the fuzz and grime has been a large part of their attraction to me, I was a little hesitant. I needn’t have worried—the live sound is as in-the-red as last time I saw them, and the performance as charmingly faux ramshackle. I say ‘faux ramshackle’ because the seamless transitions from one song to another and the altered medley-style versions of some older songs betray a well-honed, dare I say ‘tight’, live show. The last song, a twice-aborted version of ‘Fuck Her Tears’, was a genuinely ramshackle ending.

Perhaps surprisingly, I probably enjoyed support Veronica Falls as much as TNV themselves. Strummy guitars, harmony vocals, lo-fi without the summer/beach vibe of so much recent stuff. Yeah it’s not new but it’s fun. (They have a pretty well developed merchandising arm for a band with only a couple of singles and a tour EP to their name: not one but two T-shirts, and tote bags.)

All in all, a good night for anyone who thinks music’s been all downhill since Demolition Plot J-7. Speaking of which:


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